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Tejori is one of the Premier Diamond Jeweller in Dubai, Founded in 1964, The seeds of the TEJORI Group were sewn 57 years ago. Mr. Narottam Soni first arrived to Dubai in October 1964. He joined his brother in the Emirates and began to manufacture and sell the traditional jewellery of the time. As the market for international jewellery in the Middle East was on the rise. The Soni family was the first to sell 18 karat Italian luxury items. More importantly, they began to sell loose diamonds and diamond jewellery in Dubai. Dubai the City of Gold was beginning to become a City of Diamonds. Tejori is known for their high standards in quality and their admired craftsmanship expertise. we are the most prominent jewellery destination in the Middle East. Jewellers Diamond Jewellers in Dubai

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jewellers in Dubai
Diamond Jewellers in Dubai

Based in the United Arab Emirates, TEJORI has designed, created and sold exceptional diamond, gemstone and pearl jewellery to its global client base since 1964. Employing over 100 artisans, craftspeople and sales professionals, the company has eight stores in five-star locations throughout Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We set the industry standard from both a customer service and jewellery quality standpoint. The secret to a good jewellery business is having the ability to find beautiful and cost-effective solutions on time and on budget. Tejori’s extremely positive record of customer satisfaction is our best asset. Almost every client comes to us more than once, and this is proof that we are doing the best for our customers. At Tejori, our team brings together our combined knowledge of gems, jewellery design skills, production precision, and combined with our insights into the psychology of jewellery buying we have the perfect formula to make our customers supremely happy with what we offer.
Tejori is the most reputed Diamond Jeweller in Dubai to shop for diamond jewellery, we deal in Loose diamonds and are well known for certified diamonds, Tejori  is known for creating bespoke jewellery in Dubai. Tejori is in retail jewellery business since 1964 and has designed many bespoke jewelry for their clients.