About Us

Based in the United Arab Emirates, TEJORI has designed, created and sold exceptional diamond, gemstone and pearl jewellery to its global client base since 1964. Employing over 100 artisans, craftspeople and sales professionals, the company has eight stores in five-star locations throughout Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We set the industry standard from both a customer service and jewellery quality standpoint.

“Our experienced professionals sell world-class jewellery to clients from Asia to the US, and everywhere in between. TEJORI is special because we design and create superior bespoke jewellery to suit every budget. Cost is no reflection of how important a purchase is, and for us every sale matters. Customer satisfaction is our absolute goal.” Kaushik Soni, CEO, TEJORI

jewelry expert dubai Mr.kaushik soni



Kaushik Soni, CEO and founder and owner of Tejori Gems, is a Certified Diamond Grader (GIA), gemstone expert and holds international diplomas for his in-depth knowledge of pearls and the specialist creation of pearl and gemstone jewellery.

“Tejori is considered to be one of the region’s leading bespoke jewellery enterprises and custom made jewellery is our forte. I love a happy customer as much as I love exquisite jewellery and it is our company mission to produce superior rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces that our international and local jewellery clients will cherish for a lifetime.
Today, as well as the hundreds of tourists and UAE residents that visit our stores each day, Tejori has almost 500 regular customers from 30 countries worldwide that both order from overseas or buy locally when in town.

Every stone is unique and every customer has unique needs. The secret to a good jewellery business is having the ability to find beautiful and cost effective solutions on time and on budget.


Tejori’s extremely positive record of customer satisfaction is, in my opinion, our best asset. Almost every client comes to us more than once, and this is proof that we are doing the best for our customers.

At Tejori, my team brings together our combined knowledge of gems, jewellery design skills, production precision, and combined with our insights into the psychology of jewellery buying we have the perfect formula to make our customers supremely happy with what we offer.”