Certified Diamonds and loose Diamonds in Dubai UAE


TEJORI  Guarantee of Quality

 TEJORI has sold certified diamonds for over 50 years, and we partner with some of the world’s most reputable diamond distribution companies (Antwerp, Mumbai, New York). All TEJORI diamonds are sourced from industry experts whose professional ethics are of the highest standards, so when you buy with us you can be 100% sure that you get a great stone and a good deal, every time. Tejori deals with all types of certified diamonds in Dubai.


Every diamond TEJORI stock over half a carat has been examined and certified by an international gemstone laboratory. We only deal with the best and most reliable laboratories with certificates coming from GIA (Gemmological Institute of America), HRD (Antwerp High Diamond Council) and IGI (International Gemmological Institute – Dubai & Antwerp)

What is a Diamond Laboratory Certificate?

A diamond laboratory certificate, which is sometimes called a grading report, is a complete evaluation of your diamond that has been performed by a qualified professional with the help of special Gemological instruments. Each stone bears its own recognisable, individual characteristics, which is listed on the certificate, so this certificate will show you exactly what you have purchased. These certificates are also required for insurance purposes as they indicate an accurate replacement value in the event of loss or theft.

Before You Buy – The 4 C’s

 Before you buy, buy diamonds online Dubai you will need to know a little more about diamonds so that you can feel that you know what you are spending your money on. You may have heard of the four C’s – Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat weight. You will be glad to hear that TEJORI take diamond buying one C further. We offer total buyer Confidence by offering internationally laboratory certified diamonds (for half-carat size and over). The four C’s are the criteria jewellers use when grading diamonds, and these are the ones you’ll need to understand to buy the right diamond for you.

Certified Diamonds and loose Diamonds in Dubai UAE

Certified Diamonds and loose Diamonds in Dubai UAE